ACCUSCAN - Utah's Premier Medical & Elective Imaging Center
ACCUSCAN - Utah's Premier Medical Imaging Center

Accuscan is an advanced medical imaging facility.

We provide you and your physician high quality ultrasound imaging and interpretations for full protocol, physician ordered studies as well as 3D/4D ultrasound and other various diagnostic and preventative screening tests in a very comfortable environment. We understand quality and accuracy is reliant upon the sonographer's experience and the type of equipment used.

Because of this, each of our sonographer have years of experience in their specialty, are ARDMS certified, and utilize the finest ultrasound systems available. All images are interpreted by our board-certified radiologists, and reports are sent to the referring physician quickly. We are local and centrally located in Salt Lake city so you gain easy access to the benefits of our screenings.

Accuscan Health Imaging
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Salt Lake City, Utah 84101-1145
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ACCUSCAN Prenatal Diagnostic Ultrasound Services

Level One diagnostic services performed through an order from your health care provider. We provide our services to many expectant families desiring to complete their ultrasound at a more family-centered, patient-focused environment. We offer complimentary images of your session, and gender determination is by request only.

Prenatal Elective Limited Diagnostic Services

We provide prenatal elective limited diagnostic 3D, 4D reassurance scans to those expectant mothers who are currently receiving prenatal care, and have already undergone their second trimester diagnostic ultrasound.

Cardiac Ultrasound

Looks inside the heart, its muscles, valves, chambers for Cardiac tumors, stenosis, regurgitation, endocarditic and other abnormalities which cause heart failure.

We offer 2D, M-Mode, Color Doppler, PW, CW.


We perform the echocardiogram transthoracically (with the transducer on the chest). These sound wave pictures can give detailed information to your doctor about heart function as well as the diameter of the great vessels.

Vascular Ultrasound

(Complete Carotid Imaging, Upper and Lower Venous Imaging, Upper and Lower Arterial Imaging.)

To screen the blood vessels (arteries and veins) of the body. This non invasive ultrasound is used for early detection of life threatening vascular disorders such as Deep Vein Trombosis, Femoral Artery Aneurysm, Popliteal Artery Aneurysm, Arterial Occlusive Disease.

Abdominal Ultrasound

             Arteriosclerosis, aneurysm, Dissecting aneurysm, Intraluminal Thrombus.
             Splenomegaly, Absence of the Spleen, Cysts, Absesses, Rupture, Tumors.
             Pancreatic Cysts, Tumors, Acute and Chronic Pancreatitis.
            Hepatic Cysts, Diffuse Abnormalities, Fatty Infiltration.
            Cholelithiasis (gallstone), Cholecystitis (inflammation), Hydrops, Polyps.
            Renal Calculus, Hydronephrosis, Renal Hematoma, Abscesses, Simple, Multicystic, Polycystic Kidney.
            Bladder Calculus, Bladder Diverticula, Bladder Masses.
            Cyst, Prostatis, Calcified Prostate, Nodule.

Female Pelvic Ultrasound
            To screen the internal structures of the female pelvis. Uterus, Cervix, Endometrium, Myometrium, Vagina, Fallopian Tubes, Ovaries: Polyp,
            Endometritis, Leiomyoma, Adenomyosis, Nabothian cyst, Gartner Ducts Cyst, Pelvic inflammatory Disease(Pyosalpinx, Hydrosalpinx,
            Tuboovarian Abscess), Ovarian Cysts, Corpus Lutheum Cysts,Polycystic Ovary, Inflammatory Processes, Dermoid Tumors.

Shoulder / Elbow / Carpal Tunnel / Extremity Studies
            Extremity ultrasound is proving to be of great value in the diagnosis of rotator cuff tears, distal bicep tendon tears, and in evaluating patients
            considered to have carpal tunnel type symptoms. This type of imaging may be used when looking for abnormailites in the foot and ankle as

Accuscan ultrasound specialists is not affiuliated with Fetal Fotos or Fetal Studio.