ACCUSCAN - Utah's Premier Medical & Elective Imaging Center
Accuscan Health Imaging was first conceived in 1998 with the mission of improving the health and wellness of everyone within its geographical environment.

Good health.  It is one of the greatest gifts in life, and the one most often taken for granted. In the past, healthcare has focused primarily on crisis management-doctors have waited for patients to develop symptoms and then reacted to them. Unfortunately, this method often means problems are not detected until they are in advanced stages and far more threatening and difficult to treat.

The future of health care is different. The future is ACCUSCAN. We provide a proactive alternative that puts you in charge of your own health and allows you to uncover abnormalities in the formative stages, when they can be more easily managed or eliminated.

In less than 15 minutes, ACCUSCAN uses a GE ultra-fast Computer Tomography or CT scanner to create an internal 3-D image of your body. Your images are then read by our board certified radiologist and in a few days you will be mailed a CD of all your images and a detailed written report of your results. It's a process that combines cutting-edge technology with a generation of medical expertise to offer simple, fast and painless lifesaving examinations that can detect tumors, polyps, cancer, lung disease and heart disease long before symptoms appear. AccuScan puts you in control of your health, and because it is a safe, diagnostic procedure, you don't need a doctor's referral. 

Accuscan has recently added diagnostic and 3D-4D ultrasound capabilities to their répéteur to enchance the services they offer their clients.  Accuscan's ultrasound specialists were honored with the coveted "Best of State" award for "Best Analytical Labratory in the State of Utah" for 2009-10 because of their superior techniques, excellent GE ultrasound equipment and nationally qualified staff.


The staff at Accuscan is the primary asset that makes your full body scan so different from your previous medical experiences. Currently Accuscan maintains a team of board certified radiologists & CT technologist who cumulatively amassed decades of experience serving the population of Utah.

Their outstanding experience and expertise in reading and interpreting MDCT scans assures you that your diagnosis is made with the utmost care, and is backed by years of practice. These providers have more experience with full body scans, virtual colonoscopies, heart scans and lung scans than anyone in Utah. Equally important is the fact that these providers are people oriented. They enjoy responding to questions and explaining the images to each patient. Our Tech is trained in the use of this particular scanner and is determined to make each patient comfortable. If you are anticipating friendly competence; from your first call, till you have results in hand, you will not be disappointed.

Each and every one of our ultrasound sonographers are ARMDS nationally trained, tested, and board certified.  As far as we are aware, Accuscan is the only medical ultrasound service in Utah that provides board certified sonographers exclusively to provide and safely ensure 3D-4D fetal photo imaging and gender determination.
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